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If you have an website design, web development, seo or web building related website that you'd like to see listed in our directory please complete our online request form below with your sites information. We would welcome a reciprocal link on your site to share information as well.

Following are some of the reasons your link could be declined

  • 1. We do not link to pages that are not hosted by your domain/website (as we will only consider linking to the same domain that is requesting a link from us). 
  • 2. We will decline sites that are purely link farms or appear to be link farms. 
  • 3. If we find your link points to a link farm, then we will remove the listing. 
  • 4. We will not link to any illegal sites, hate sites or pornographic sites. 
  • 5.Your link request is not a subject that fits within our website categoriesie Travel in Australia. 
  • 6.If you own multiple sites, you are only eligible for one 'free listing'. 
  • 7.We do not action requests for links that have not come via our online form. 
  • 8. If the online form has been filled in with dubious or wrong information, the request will be automatically declined. 
  • 9. Do not ask us to fill in any forms to establish our link, as we do not have the time. 
  • 10.We systematically check existing links and any existing links that fall into any of the above categories will be removed without notification. 
  • 11. If the link you have provided to us is buried among hundreds of other links, and it is most unlikely that visitors will find our link, we will not be providing a reciprocal link.

Due to the large number of requests that we receive, there may be some delay in getting a reply. To ensure a quick response, we must first be able to view our link on your site, by being able to follow the navigation starting from your home page.

If your request falls under any one of the above 'reasons your link is declined' category, do not expect to receive a response, as we do not have the time to reply.

As each request is dealt with by a person, we reject a number of requests such as those we consider link farms and spam domains. If you are a small business, dealing with website design, web development, seo or web building related topics for South Africa, we will hopefully get back to you quickly. If you feel we have overlooked your original request, please feel free to follow up your original linking request (but make sure you tell us where our link is on your website).

  • of course, reserve the right to re-word or decline all reciprocal links requests.

Please use the following code on your website:

On your page, the code will look like this:
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