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Ecom Solutions SEO Tool Review.

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Finding The Best SEO Software Tools

If you have already read the SEO Introduction page, you will understand that SEO is a fascinating and huge subject, and one which   webmasters ignore only if they are happy to have no visitors to their websites. There are many facets to SEO techniques, but there is no doubt that doing all the things you need to do in order to get to the top of the search engine results pages can take you many hours every day for a long time,  even just for one website. Fortunately there are many tools out there that can help you make this work much easier and faster.

The following SEO software packages have been chosen based on their effectiveness, usability and value for money. Like most things on this site, they are aimed at helping the lone webmaster or individual who is working on their own personal or small business website. You could pay a lot more for other packages, tools or services, but these are likely to be over the top in both functionality and cost. My advice is geared towards people who are not in a position to pay substantial fees to SEO companies to undertake this work for them.  Such large and ongoing costs are only ever likely to be justified by sizeable established businesses. All the following tools give you the power to undertake all the SEO work you need to on your own.

The Most Effective SEO Tools - Reviews and Recommendations:

There are tons of SEO products out there, many extremely expensive and many not very effective. I have therefore cut through the dross to highlight some of the best value ones.

SEO Elite

This is the real pack leader, created by Brad Callen, who clearly puts his theory into practice by ranking number one on Google for an extremely competitive search term. This is a single comprehensive SEO tool covering all the essential aspects of search engine optimization. There is a very clear understanding of what is required to achieve high rankings, and a focus on doing only those things required to get those results. The main thrust is on analysing the sites currently at the top of the rankings to get the information you need to put your own site there. It includes everything you need for submitting your site to links directories and even an article submission programme.

The package includes full support, which many others do not, and there are various video tutorials to help get you started. Not dirt cheap but it costs far less than many, and definitely the best value for money when you weigh the cost against how effective it is. Significantly, there is a money back guarantee if you haven’t doubled your online income inside two months. That speaks volumes for how confident they are about how well the  product works. Have a look at the website HERE.

Link Assistant

Another tried and tested choice for dealing comprehensively with all SEO activities. This has just been completely re-vamped, and, unlike the other two, you can buy individual modules covering just the aspects of SEO that you require. The full package is SEO PowerSuite, which covers everything you need for your search engine optimization work. Alternatively, you can get one or more of the four individual modules; Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.  A good point about this series is that a purchase means you get free updates for life. The reason that is useful is that search engines do not stand still - Google is constantly amending the algorthym used to rank websites, so SEO tools need to change to take that into account or they can become less effective.

I would suggest the most useful ones to begin with are LinkAssistant, which simplifies and organises your link building, and SEO SpyGlass, which analyses other websites to provide you with the information you need to improve your ranking. As with some other SEO tools, you will see that there is an option to download free versions of the software, but some really important functions are not enabled, with the result that operationally it is a frustrating waste of time. It serves to give you an idea of the look and feel of the tools, but you will not be able to achieve anything meaningful with the free versions, as the limitations include not being able to save, copy or export any of your work or results, getting search engine results and feedback that excludes Google, etc. Understandably they do not want to give away a really useful tool for nothing. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee anyway, so the free trial is no great advantage.

This modular option may be a useful starting point if you want to spend a bit less and start off by focussing on one element of SEO. Check it our HERE.

Top Pick For An All Inclusive Package - SiteBuildIt

The SEO software you choose will depend what stage you are at with your website development, but no review of SEO tools would be complete if I did not mention a market leading website design package that includes all the SEO tools you need too.  SiteBuildIt is a website building package that includes domain name, hosting, keyword tools, search engine submission, ranking tracker, ezine publisher, and everything else you could possibly need build a high ranking website.  For detailed information on all the tools included in the SiteBuildIt package, have a look at this page.

The real purpose and beauty of SBI is that it is essentially a tool to build an online business.  You don't use SBI as just a website design tool or an integrated SEO system, you use SBI to guide you all the way from having no clue how to make a website, to creating a high ranking website, designed from the start to make you money.  I haven't found anything else like SiteBuildIt on the net, and there are tons of ecstatic cutomers out there who swear by it as the key to their successful online business.

It is difficult to quickly summarise everything SBI does because there is so much to it, but the essential beauty (and thing that makes it unique) is that they take you by the hand and guide you right from the start through a step by step process that enables you to identify the best subject for your site, the most profitable keywords, a professional look, a search engine friendly structure and a  lot more besides. I just wish I had known about it when I first started, because it is so ideal for someone who has not done much, or any, website development. If you think it could be appropriate for you, the easiest thing is to spend some time looking at their website, as there is a lot to take in. Their video tour is quite a good introduction to the basic ideas.

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