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Invest in a Web Redesign and see the number flow! I personally receive over a dozen checks and commission payments every month from various affiliate programs that I promote. This our list of our current top affiliate programs which are earning the most money for ECOM SOLUTIONS [UPDATED Jan 2015].

These are the best affiliate programs for us. They have superb products, pay very good commissions and provide reliable online reporting of affiliates' sales. They work well and are well supported. If you have a site aimed at website owners, or a section of your site aimed at them, these affiliate products should sell well for you, too.

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#1 Affiliate Program: SBI

Ken Evoy's Solo Build It is right up at Number 1, where it belongs.

I earn four-figure commissions (and have earned five-figure commissions) from Ken's affiliate program now, with only minimal maintenance.

Ken is a truly amazing, multi-talented individual. Among his achievements, he has taught medicine, designed toys and games which earn millions of dollars in royalties, and invented a "virtually impossible to sell" niche software product - which he sold on the Net, earning $1,000 to $5,000 a day.


SiteSell's fast-selling SBI has been my top money-earner nearly every month for 10 years.

It makes it easy for you to create your own website simply and easily, even if you have no technical knowledge at all. It analyzes which themes will be profitable.

Even better, it helps you optimize the pages for the main search engines and teaches you how to promote your site effectively. This remarkable tool also generates your Google and Yahoo! Sitemaps and automatically submits them when necessary so you don't have to!

SBI (formerly known as Site Build It) doesn't just teach you search engine optimization. It teaches you Internet marketing. Most important of all, it teaches you how to be successful. No wonder SBI has tens of thousands of happy users.

Ken was the first to introduce the concept of PREselling to affiliates. This is the process of building relationships with your visitors and putting them into a warm, willing-to-buy mood so they are much more likely to make purchases based on your recommendations.

Video tour on how SBI changes lives

The SBI Solo Action Guide and videos show you how to master this technique to drive your affiliate conversions through the roof. You won't just be building a website, you'll be building a long-term web business.

There's an incredible private SBI forum where SBI owners and users share tips and help each other. There's nothing else like it on the Internet.

I use SBI for several websites and highly recommend it.

SBI sites succeed. 61% of SBIers end up in the Top 0.05%. And only SBI! sites prove success. You'd think that others would if they could, wouldn't you?

See the proof.

As well as offering fantastic value for money, SiteSell President Ken Evoy works extremely hard to help his affiliates earn money. I've spent many hours chatting with him and learning about his products and plans. You can trust him to OVER-deliver on his promises.

The SiteSell program offers:

  • Outstanding value for money. You can feel comfortable promoting excellent products.
  • Lifetime commissions. You don't just earn a commission on the first sale. You earn a commission on every purchase by that customer - for life. Think about that. You sell once, earn indefinitely!
  • Two-tier commission structure. You earn revenue on the sales made by the people you refer to Ken.
  • Limited number of affiliates. Your efforts are protected.
  • A fair contract, which has non-terminatable/non-modifiable features. Ken looks after YOUR interests.
  • The BEST manual for affiliates - 224 pages packed with useful ideas - totally FREE. You receive excellent advice to get you started earning money.
  • A site that SELLS!
    Ken's site makes the sale for you.

All these features ensure this program is a long-term winner.

SiteSell's lifetime commissions are for active salespeople only. You stop receiving lifetime commissions if you stop generating new sales. This program may not suit you, but it has worked remarkably well for me for a decade.

Ken writes THREE newsletters which consistently offer the most detailed, helpful, step-by-step advice for affiliates I've seen.

Click here to see a sample of the single best affiliate-support e-zine on the Net.

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